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ACCESS Mobility sells and services Sure Grip Hand Controls, Wheelchair Vans, Consumer and Commercial Vans, Wheelchair Lifts, Hand Controls, Wheelchair Tie Downs, BRUNO Wheelchair Lifts, Turning Seating for Vans, Vehicle Mobility Modifications, Wheelchair Van Financing, Mobility Caravans and Lowered Floor Mini Vans in Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois.

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Push/RockLeft Hand

SAE J1903 Compliant

The original and the best, the Sure Grip Push/Rock system from Access Mobility Vans, has become known for its comfort, precision and overall safety.

Unlike other hand controls styles, the push/rock system puts the operating handle in a vertical position; the driver eases the handle back to accelerate and pushes forward to brake. This unique rocking motion allows full-range braking and acceleration with minimal hand travel while keeping the hand in a natural position.

Sure Grip’s Push/Rock controls are known for having the easiest gas in the industry today thus, allowing for hours of fatigue free driving. The push/rock style will give you the driving experience you have been longing for.

Sure Grip hand control designs prevents contact with legs or knees at higher speeds. The upright handle also allows the installation of controls in smaller vehicles or tight spaces other controls would not fit. Controls do not impede pedal use.

is an accelerator lock out device that comes standard on all of Sure Grip’s hand controls, and is an added safety feature for the driver or those that share the vehicle. With the push of a button or knob, the accelerator function of the hand control can be disabled and help prevent accidents through misuse of the control by mechanics, valets or any other unqualified user. is available in both electronic and manual formats.

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Product ID: SG1

Why Access Mobility Vans offers Sure Grip Hand Controls

The beginning was almost tragic, the outcome truly remarkable. Keith Howell, president and founder of Howell Ventures Ltd. was in his early teens when he became a quadriplegic. As in most teenage boys, Howell still carried the desire to drive a car and be independent. After trying several styles of manual hand controls, Howell settled on one that dealt best with his disability. The only problem was that the manufacturer of the particular style had gone out of business. So, Howell set about to manufacture a set of controls that would emulate the easiest style of driving that he was able to find.
Twenty years later, Howell’s “SURE GRIP” hand controls have become a leader in the disabled driving aids market in both Canada and U.S.A. Howell Ventures consists of a major manufacturing facility, with its corporate office located in Upper Kingsclear, NB, Canada.

Just recently, SURE GRIP hand control’s unique “push rock” acclaimed style of driving—push forward for brake, rock back for acceleration—has been promoted by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) as the fourth recognized style of driving for the disable under nationally recognized terminologies. This endorsement brought a lot of industry credibility to Howell’s design.
Simply, the SURE GRIP hand control was constructed to serve people with perhaps the highest level of disability. The controls operate with very little hand strength and, unlike any other hand control on today’s market, the unique vertical handle allows the operator virtual two handed contact with the steering wheel—something no other product offers. SURE GRIP, while recognized early on as the product most appropriate for the most difficult cases, soon gained acceptance as the easiest to use control on the market for all users.

Howell then strengthened his position in the market through the development of training and evaluation products he made available to driving rehabilitation specialists. His creation of a unique mounting system that allowed trainers to interchange various styles of hand controls in their vehicles was one of his greatest inventions.

“There is seldom a day that goes by that I do not hear from somebody thankful for SURE GRIP hand controls. We hear stories about how the product has provided a disable person with independence, and so often the individual was unable to drive with any other style of control,” says Howell. “That is the part of the business that is so gratifying for me: knowing that when we ship a hand control, the person at the other end really is looking forward to getting mobile.

It means a great deal more to a disabled person than it does an able bodied person. I remember thinking that I could not be the only one who would benefit from this style of driving. Boy was I right!

This is our kind of company!!

Spin Master

Spin Master Spinner Knob

Available in your choice of three colors:

  • Black (A600)
  • Grey (A602)
  • Wood-Grain (A601)

With Spin Master’s innovative, clamshell design, one size fits all steering wheels.

Unlike other spinner knobs on the market, the design will leave no permanent damage to your steering wheel.

Spin Master adds a quick-release function – remove and refit at the touch of a button!

Additional User Benefits:

  • Spin Master is snugly fitted with two quality free-running ball racers
  • With its super clamping jaws, the spinner knob should not move once fitted
  • Due to its unique clamshell design, Spin Master provides a 3” clamping surface
  • Components are made from the same material used by mining companies for heavy-duty applications
  • Spin Master offers special leather grain etching to the knob section allowing it to match vehicle interiors
  • Australian engineered, the Spin Master is the most revolutionary spinner knob to hit the industry

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Product ID: A600


Adapted Shifter

Sure Grip manufactures modified shifter knobs for popular passenger vehicles. The adapted shifter knob is a direct replacement for the original factory knob which allows the gear selector to be moved using only the palm of your hand rather than the use of your thumb to depress a button to move the gear selector.

Currently available applications:

  • 2008-2010 Caravan/Town & Country adapted shifter knob
    (Product ID: A303)
  • 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey adapted shifter knob
    (Product ID: A304)
  • 2011 Honda Odyssey adapted shifter knob (Product ID: A305)
  • universal adapted shifter knob (Product ID: A306)
  • single post add-on (Product ID: A307)
  • bi-pin add-on (Product ID: A308)

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Product ID: A306

Park Brake Extension

This easy-to-install brake extension brings the manual park brake closer to driver, for more convenient access.

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Product ID: A301

Signal Crossover

This crossover is an easy to use device that allows operation of the signal function from the right hand side of the steering column. It is installed easily and only takes only a few minutes.

Dual Gas and Brake Control Arm

This control was designed to allow for control of braking and acceleration functions from the passenger side of the vehicle. The control was originally intended to give trainers additional control of the vehicle during training sessions. Some therapists are now having Dual Brake & Gas installed in the client’s vehicle and conducting training in the clients own vehicle.

The control also allows for additional training sessions at home with a parent or other licensed driver.

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Product ID: D201

Pedal Extenders

These quick to install pedal extenders are used to bring the gas and brake pedals closer to the driver.
The pedal extenders are adjustable 2-4 inches.

Alpha Therm

The Heated Wash unit vastly improves the factory windshield washer system in any vehicle by heating and maintaining a predetermined amount of washer fluid. This heated fluid is available at all times for superior cleaning in all weather conditions.

The unit is automatically activated when the vehicle is started. The fluid reaches its maximum temperature in approximately 30 seconds and is capable of clearing .5 mm of frost in less than 2 minutes.